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Set amidst endless miles of rolling hills, lush farmland, rivers, coastlines and shores, picturesque Colchester East Hants invites and inspires. Along the warm waters of the Bay of Fundy and Northumberland Strait, a short drive from the capital city, we offer something for everyone, whether you're seeking a quaint rural community or the draw of a bustling and affordable urban centre.

Our reach stretches from the growing corridor community in East Hants, to the tree lined streets of Truro - the hub of Nova Scotia - sprawling out past the Cobequid mountains to the sandy beaches of the North Shore and embracing the breathtaking red cliffs and trails along the Five Island shores.

Close to major universities, home to great schools, beautiful scenery and recreation facilities - here you can relax or let the adventurer in you run free with any number of outdoor pursuits on land (hiking, skiing, golf, tennis, jogging, cycling) or sea (kayaking, swimming and sailing).

And when itís time to work
You can feel good knowing that right there alongside you is a team of professionals who both work hard because they care about the people they serve and who know how to have fun when itís time to unwind. Itís a great combination that seems to come naturally here.

So, what are the options? Whether itís the fast-paced environment at Colchester Regional Hospital in Truro or the more intimate setting at Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital in Tatamagouche, we have hospital-based opportunities for a wide-range of clinical and non-clinical positions, including nurses, allied health professionals and physicians. If community-based care is more your style, our expanding Primary Health Care teams and established programs in Public Health, Mental Health and Addiction Services also offer numerous career opportunities.

Their reasons
Extraordinary career opportunities and an exceptional way of life Ė the reasons for choosing the Colchester East Hants Health Authority are pretty clear. Just ask the people who work here.

Glen Stinson

ďI love working at Colchester, as the company truly believes in their employees and builds leadership within. The CEO is fabulous and really listens to the needs of everyone. What I love the most is that for a regional hospital, we are on the leading edge of health care and the patients here receive pristine health care!!! I truly believe that Colchester is the best place to work in the Maritimes and as a father of three, I have to say that Truro is an amazing community to raise a family.Ē

Linda Finnie

ďMy husband and I decided to leave the UK last year because we wanted a better way of life. I had three places I was looking at in Nova Scotia and this was the last one I visited. As soon as I walked in the doors I felt like I belonged here. In some ways it started even before I got to the hospital; there was something about the town that just felt right. Everyoneís really friendly. The cost of living is great. And thereís sunshine in the summer and snow in the winter. Whatís not to like?Ē

Dr. Dave Padmore

ďLeaving Barbados was a big decision for me, but there was something about the culture here that I felt really comfortable with. Itís a lot like my hometown, but with the added advantage of being a public health system. That was important to me. The lure of a new hospital was a huge factor too. Itís not everyday you get to be part of a team thatís developing a brand new, $150-million facility. Thatís exciting stuff.Ē

What matters to you?
Everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes an organization or a community a great place to work. If any of this sounds right for you, give us a call. Weíd love to talk.

+ Competitive benefits package and pay scales
  • Our collective agreements and management benefits packages offer benefits and pay scales that are competitive with or better than outside agencies.
  • From a nursing perspective, you would be represented by the Nova Scotia Nurses Union (NSNU) and would have complete portability of benefits across the province (excluding one district represented by the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union). NSNU is also part of the Federation of Nurses, giving you the ability to carry your service recognition with you if you leave the province.
+ Rewarding opportunities
  • Beyond the most obvious rewards of saving lives and improving peopleís health; working here has many rewards. Through our Leadership Development Program front-line staff have the opportunity to build upon their personal strengths to realize their full potential as leaders. Through our annual recognition programs and quality awards qualifying staff and physicians are publicly recognized for their expertise and commitment to their work.
+ Family-oriented
  • We know the meaning of a home/worklife balance. Many of our senior leaders have young families of their own. Whether itís our annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day and childrenís Christmas parties, the provisions within our collective agreements that allow time off to attend medical appointments for family, or other initiatives, we support the reality of a healthy home/worklife balance.
+ Active social and organizational health committees
  • Not every workplace has a Respiratory Services Manager that dresses up as cupid each year to help staff deliver chocolate hearts and valentine notes to their co-workers. But thatís what you get here. Added, of course, to other wellness and social activities like a membership program at the local fitness centre, ski trips, a weekly running club, and Carnival Day in the Courtyard.
+ Community-minded
  • At the Colchester East Hants Health Authority, we donít just work in our communities. Weíre a part of them. Itís something thatís hard to describe, but itís definitely something you can feel.
+ Beautiful, friendly and safe
  • When itís time to kick back and relax, it helps to have the right physical environment and the right kind of people to do it with. People on the east coast of Canada are regarded as some of the friendliest people in the world. And whether its rolling farmlands or the warm waters of the Northumberland strait, backyards here offer a serenity that canít be found everywhere.
+ On-site daycare
  • We know child care can be a pretty big source of worry for parents of young families. Thatís why, at the Colchester Regional Hospital, weíre proud to partner with an on-site daycare provider called Near to Me. Currently the program accepts children 18 months and older, but a proposal is currently under review to offer an expanded program for infants once the new hospital opens.
  • Looking to move from outside of Canada? Did you know our federal government provides maternity leave benefits for a full year?
+ Affordable living
  • In a world where some people are paying half a million dollars just for a starter home, our sensible housing prices and reasonable tax rates are a breath of fresh air. Here, a typical family home is $140,000 meaning you have more money in your pocket to do the things you want to do.
+ No highway traffic or congestion
  • The drive to and from work doesnít get much simpler than it is here. No rush-hour traffic. No highway congestion. Itís pretty sweet really.
+ Fresh, clean work environment of a brand new hospital
  • No matter how much you enjoy your co-workers and how rewarding you find the job itself, nothing compares to the excitement of moving in to a fresh, modern health centre. And thatís exactly what weíll soon be doing at the Colchester Regional Hospital. Windows that open. Staff and patient courtyards with real greenery. And all the advances of modern medicine.
  • This exciting project will create new career opportunities for nurses, technologists, physicians and other health professionals. Recruitment for many of these positions will begin before we even open the doors.

Browse around
Want to get a better feel for the area weíre lucky to call home? Check out these sites for more information.

Travel to Nova Scotia
Colchester Regional Development Agency
Town of Truro

Letís talk
It’s one thing to read something; it’s quite another to talk about it. Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for in a career. It’s your life; there’s no reason not to explore the possibilities.

Phone: 902–893–5554 ext 42501

Please address Physician inquires to:

Dr. Manoj Vohra
Vice President Medicine
Phone: 902–893–5554 ext 42296

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