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Volunteer Resources

Volunteers are concerned persons who give freely of their time to enhance patient care services provided by hospital staff at Colchester East Hants Health Centre and Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital.

Volunteers help to promote the emotional and physical well being of the patients by providing additional services in a relaxed atmosphere.

Volunteers help in various ways throughout the hospital to assist directly or indirectly with patients and assist in making hospital stays a more positive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
Volunteer Programs Available
Youth Volunteer Application Form (15 20 years of age)
Adult Volunteer Application Form (21 years of age and older)

For more information contact:
Wendy Mosher
600 Abenaki Road
Truro, NS B2N 5A1
Phone: (902) 893-5554 Ext. 42140

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who can become a volunteer?

Persons over the age of 15 who are willing to dedicate free time to the service of those in need are encouraged to apply. All applicants are required to successfully complete the screening process to be accepted as volunteers.

+ How many hours do I have to volunteer per week?

Most volunteer programs have scheduled shifts that require a commitment of 2-4 hours/shift. However, Volunteer Resources considers each volunteer on an individual basis and will try to find a balance that benefits both the volunteer and program.

+ What are the requirements for a dog to become a volunteer under the Pet Therapy Program?

All dogs must first take St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program and once they receive certification must complete the application and screening process with Volunteer Resources. Information on St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program is available through Volunteer Resources.

+ Do I need special training before I complete the volunteer application process?

Any training will be provided by Volunteer Resources once screening process is completed.

+ I am looking for a student placement – does this fall under Volunteer Resources?

Student placements are processed through Human Resources. Contact 893-5554 (ext 42384) for more information.

Volunteer Programs

A variety of volunteer programs and opportunities are offered including:

Administrative Assistant Program
Volunteers perform duties and tasks as requested to assist staff with general office duties.

Ambulatory Care Volunteers
Provide a more pleasant hospital experience for patients by providing personal attention and to assist nursing staff by performing specified tasks. Part of this program includes Serenity Room & Look Good Feel Good Programs.

Emergency Dept. Volunteer
Assist Emergency room staff by providing directions and acting as liaison between patients, family member(s) and staff. Provide assistance to staff performing small tasks as requested and visiting with patients and families waiting for services.

Patient Evening Lunch Program
Youth volunteers serve lunch to patients under supervision of nursing staff.

Hair Care Program
Volunteers provide basic hair care to patients on a scheduled basis.

Information Desk Program
Volunteers provide the public with information and directions on entrance to the hospital.

Leisure Activity Program
Volunteers provide or assist with recreational activities for in-hospital patients.

Library Assistant
Assist Librarian with various tasks and duties as required to maintain and operate Les Topshee Library.

Meal Time Assistant Program
Volunteers provide assistance to assigned patients during either noon or evening meals.

Music Program
Volunteers provide music (playing musical instruments and/or singing) for the enjoyment of patients.

Patient Visitor Program
Volunteers perform specific assigned duties for patients/staff on an individual basis on the nursing units. This program includes youth volunteers.

Pet Therapy
Provide companionship to patients through regular visits with certified dogs and cats. These pets must be certified under St. John Ambulance Pet Therapy Program and individual must meet all requirements of Colchester East Hants Health Authority Volunteer Resources.

Read To Me Program
Provide gifts of books and information on reading to newborns during stay at hospital.

Hospital Auxiliary
Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers actively participate in Gift Shop or Coffee Shop helping directly with the raising of necessary funds for the ongoing financial needs of the hospital. As well as raising money the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop provide a welcome place for visitors and staff to relax and enjoy a light snack. Volunteers are not obligated to be members of the Hospital Auxiliary but new members are always welcome. Youth volunteers may apply to volunteer in Coffee/Gift shops.

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